Healthy Eating


Walnuts Crack this healthy nut

Walnuts are delicious and include heart healthy nutrients.

Good healthy eating nuts
Omega-3 fatty acids help to protect against hypertension and walnuts are an excellent source.
Walnuts also have an abundance of antioxidants which have the ability to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Eating plenty of walnuts in your diet is a good healthy eating way to lower your cholesterol levels.

Walnuts are delicious straight from the shell.  Try them sprinkled on salads, baked in bread or dropped into your breakfast yoghurt.
They also complement the taste of cheese and apples.

Throw them into your sauteed vegetables.  Add them to stuffing for poultry, such as turkey.


cooked octopusFood with eight arms

Try eating octopus.  You can buy a baby octopus that has been cleaned and frozen.

Octopus is low in fat and calories but high in protein.  The flesh is an excellent source of vitamins B-12 and iron.  It’s also a very good source of potassium, zinc and niacin.

It is delicious, but don’t eat too much because it’s high in sodium and cholesterol.

Octopus can be cooked in a variety of ways. Try it baked, grilled, deep-fried, broiled or stewed.

Take care to prepare the meat properly otherwise it will be tough and chewy.  It needs to be pre-cooked in boiling salted water until the skin can be peeled.  This can take from 30 to 60 minutes


ginger rootHealthy Eating Ginger

For centuries, Ginger has been valued as an antidote to diarrhoea, nausea and other intestinal ailments.  It also has a beneficial effect when used to treat arthritis.

An anti-inflammatory with the golden touch as part of your healthy eating program.

Ginger was used in a study to treat people with osteoarthritis of the knee.  The people who used a ginger extract had reduced pain.

Arthritic pain can be relieved by drinking fresh ginger juice tea or extract.  Ginger oil can also be rubbed into the skin on a painful joint.

A maximum total daily intake of ginger is 4 grams.

There are times when you must not take ginger.  For instance if you suffer from a bleeding disorder where using any sort of blood thinners, such as aspirin.  Consult your doctor if you are due to have surgery or suffer gallstones.


Dried Beans Beans – Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart

To help reduce the risk of heart disease try to eat four cups of cooked dried beans every week.

What’s in a bean

Legumes, including beans contains soluble fibre and are an excellent source of folate (B vitamin).  They also contain plenty of potassium.  Soluble fibre can help to reduce blood cholesterol. 
Folate can lower blood levels of homocysteine witches and amino acid that is linked to strokes and heart disease.

The mineral potassium is crucial to good heart function.


YoghurtLive Longer – Eat Yogurt

Want to live longer?  And a good way to start is by adding yogurt to your healthy eating regime.

Beneficial bacteria

Yogurt is produced by adding healthy bacterial cultures into milk.  This then changes the milk’s lactose into lactic acid, giving yogurt it ‘s distinctive tartiness and thick texture.

Eating yogurt regularly supplies the body’s digestive tract with the good bacteria needed to combat the growth of bad bacteria. It gives support to the immune system and helps to control yeast imbalances.

You should eat yogurt that contains live active cultures.  Eating yogurt at least three times a week can have a beneficial effect on life expectancy.


GarlicGarlic – The Stinking Rose

Garlic smells strong but it’s full of goodness

What can garlic do for you?

Here’s what various studies have found to be the beneficial effects of eating garlic

A reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.  May reduce the hardening of the arteries, also known as atherosclierosis.

Garlic shares compounds with onions that are known to reduce inflammation, this may help to ease the pain of arthritis.

An antiviral and antibacterial agent called Allicin is a sulphur compound that helps to create the distinctive garlic smell.

It may be possible to have a reduced risk from certain cancers, such as colon and esophageal, by healthy eating a diet rich in garlic.

Possible benefits from garlic require eating a minimum of two cloves a day.


Healthy Eating - Persimmon FruitFruit of Greek Gods

Persimmons – belonging to the genus “Diospyros”, this is a Greek for divine food.
They are full of vitamin A and taste sweet, with the colour of pumpkins.

Never eat a astringent Hachiya persimmon before it is very soft and ripe.  It’s high tannins and will taste very sharp until ripe.  Eat when it is soft and the flesh will resemble the look of marmalade and have a taste a bit like mango and apricots.

Eating a Hachiya is as easy as scooping out the flesh.  It can be puréed to make a sauce or as an ingredient in other recipes.

Another type of persimmon is the non-astringent Fuyu.  This looks like a squat tomato and should be eaten when firm, including the skin.  It also tastes of apricots but with just a touch of cinnamon.


BBQ Trout fillets

Tasty Healthy Eating Trout – Rich in Omega-3

Oil rich fish such as trout has been proven by research to help in the prevention of death from heart disease.
So why is it that most people don’t eat enough of this type of healthy food?

It’s recommended by health experts that eating one to two portions of fish per week can reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks. Oil-rich fish is high in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial to your body by blood clot reduction and will also a lowering of blood fat levels. Freshly caught wild trout makes a great meal because not only is it tasty and good for you, it can also be cooked in many ways.

Research by the Institute of Optimum Nutritionalists suggest that up to 90% of the UK population is now omega-3 deficient.

Health guidelines for the consumption of omega-3 on a weekly basis is 1.5 g and an average portion of grilled trout flesh will typically provide more than 1.8 g of omega-3.

Trout is low in fat and low in calories in comparison with salmon which has three times the fat content of trout. So what are the beneficial effects of eating an oil rich fish such as trout? How about vitamins B1,B2, B6, B12 and A. It also contains selenium, calcium, iron and natural fish oils, all of which help with the health of your hair and skin as well as helping to protect your heart.

Omega-3 should be part of the diet of pregnant women because medical research now shows a correlation in retina and brain development amongst babies.

There is also evidence to suggest that omega-3 can reduce some of the pain and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Trout can be baked, fried/sauteed, grilled, poached/steamed, microwaved or even in a slow cooker.