Chicken Chili Crock Pot Recipes

Crock pot recipes are always a hit. This white chicken chili recipe is a great way to prepare chicken in a crock pot. Following are the ingredients you will need to prepare this crock pot recipe. We are using a Rival crock pot, but any brand will do. To make a crock pot beef or […]

Got any good chicken slow cooker recipes?

I am looking for actual recipes not websites to find recipes. I really love chicken. I have a slow cooker with low, medium and high levels. I haven’t used it yet and hope to break it in this week since I am not working. Any help would be wonderful.

Can I substitute tofu for chicken in slow cooker recipes?

I see many slow cooker chicken recipes and the flavor in them sounds good, but is it possible to substitute tofu? Has anyone tried this? I am sure the cooking time would have to be reduced.

What are some easy and nutritious meat free crock pot recipes?

My family and I do not eat meat, except for chicken or fish and occasionally turkey. What are some easy to prepare and nutritious crock pot recipes? Links are welcome! Thanks!

Slow cooker recipes, I prefer Mexican or chicken recipes

I am looking for some good slow cooker recipes, also some chicken or pork slow cooker recipes, all will do, can anyone help me out???