Chocolate Lava Cake in a Crock Pot




You are going to love this version of a delicious chocolate dessert – made in your crock pot. Chocolate Lava Cake in a crock pot – whatever next! Go into some fancy restaurant and you’d pay through the nose for this. But make it at home and let your slow cooker do the work. Watch the video and I’ll show you all of the ingredients, there aren’t that many.
Or just go to the recipe link below.





  1. maplepoon says:

    What????? I never knew that crock pot had liners!

  2. maplepoon says:

    @firechief43 Hello!!!!!!!!! I finally remembered to mention on here. I finally found last month in a small supermarket chain crock pot liners! Couldnt find it at big stores like Walmart but the small stores have! Interesting????? or What?????

  3. spokanetrish says:

    Trogans=protection…love that! Seriously, I never knew about the liners…I WILL be looking for those. You even make the eggs funny c=

    Great vid!

  4. Dee,
    You mentioned yesterday that you can put it in the fridge in the trojan. How would I re-heat it then?

  5. firechief43 says:

    hey stef!!

    just scooop out what you need and put it in the microwave and voila!!! trust me…this feeds a lot of people!!!! you will absolutely LOVE it!!

  6. Made it for a 4th of July event and it was a HUGE hit with adults & kids! Need a bigger crock pot now or smaller servings….I think crock pot it is!

  7. Does anyone know if this recipe can be doubled/tripled? I’m going to be in a crockpot cook-off competition soon and this looks incredible but I would need much more than the 6 servings, perhaps 20? Any suggestions?

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