Get out the slow Cooker – when it’s cold outside

As the long winter sets in, folks turn to that versatile vessel that saves time and effort, the trusty slow cooker. According to Jarden Corp., which owns Rival and the Crock-Pot brand, 86 percent of American households own a slow cooker. The appliance is ideal for making soups, chilies or stews. You can even make […]

Make it with grain – Oats are good for you

Oats are a versatile breakfast food that can launch your whole day What’s one of the best and easiest goals in our resolutions to renew and refresh? Whole grains. In bread, tortillas, muffins, pancakes, pasta and croutons. But best of all? In cereal. And especially if your whole grain of choice is oats, a super […]

Slow & Steady – Slow Cooker Fun

Wendy Burke talks about chef Eric Akis and his methods for using your slow cooker recipes. Here he shows how to easily thicken your sauces. Cooking with the slow cooker is fairly straightforward, and I’ve covered a lot of the basics in this column, but one technique that can be tricky is getting a sauce […]