How can I cook a really moist pot roast in the slow cooker?

My husband likes to eat an old fashioned tasting pot roast on sundays for dinner. Do you have any good ideas on how to get that fall apart consistency and taste of awesomeness in the slow cooker? I want to make his eyes light up and his taste buds tingle when I serve up the […]

I need low fat – low cal slow cooker recipes.

Does anyone have any simple, but low fat slow cooker recipes? And please dont just find a recipe online and post it here. I am capable of looking up recipes myself but nothing I found sounded good… or very easy. [atag]1561484318[/atag][atag]B003EQ47J2[/atag]

Chicken slow cooker recipes with dumplings?

Does anyone have a yummy recipe for chicken in a slow cooker. I’d like to try adding Dumplings.

Do you have the best BEEF STEW SLOW COOKER recipe?

And what types of beef do I get…shoulder, rump, ? and how many lb.’s? I’m new to slow cooking and have heard that when you do a slow cooker you can get tougher cuts of meat because the slow cooking process really tenderizes it. I love veggies! Right now in my fridge I have potatos […]

Got any vegetarian slow cooker recipes for fall and winter?

I have just been given a brand new crock pot and need to know some good comfort food recipes I can make in it. Dairy products are Ok, and I will eat eggs, but cooking those in a crock pot might be a bit strange.